This canine is a large dog Hercules in a small case. With a seemingly modest overall, though he focuses so much substance and strength and is more impressive than the other major races.

Once you master the amstaff was, that stay for life.
Extremely agile, with an extraordinary vitality, courageous, loyal, tenacious, demanding of himself, spontaneous, joyful, playful, always looking for human company.

If kept in a paddock, no matter how high that, he install gates in front of a docile and resigned to waiting for someone to play with him. The enthusiasm and joy makes it a lovely companion for children, who can afford to pull him by the ears and tail without it feeling something or retaliate in any way.

Amstaff, under the guise of his energetic and vigorous, is a great feeling that above all, needs the love of his master. Never hit him, because this force package does not care the least bit of damage. If you want to understand what it does mean that you have not explained well enough, so I persevere, because the main quality of the amstaff is to please his master.

So is the duty of master to rise to the amstaff is the duty of the owner is a gentleman, not a bully. Amstaff is what his master is.




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